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Now, there are some documentation available to show some Cuppa CMS characteristics.

At the next days we will continue writing more to offers a complete UI y framework documentation.

All documentation be located here.

We invite you to read these UI documentation.


Administrate tables 

User administrator 

New Cuppa CMS beta

New Cuppa CMS beta version, more stable, more secure and more powerfull, download it now.

Automatic administration of filters and integration with Automatic administration of tables.
Language management (back-end).
Improve the front-end framework.
Search component (back-end).

Auto Administrator v.0.0.1a

Joomla Extension Component

Auto-Administrator is an adaptation for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 of two of the components more highlighted on Cuppa CMS. This extension brings the posibility to create quickly a complete Back-End to administrate and get the control of the data base tables.

Normally a developer needs on average ½ day for creating a complete component in Joomla for administrate a determinate table; with Auto-Administrator is possible create the all tables administrator in the data base and create the respective menus and submenus in the component in minutes or even seconds, give to the developer more time for use it in another page areas and get a Front-End more carefully and striking for the end users.

Joomla 1.5 Joomla 1.7

* This is is a test version, you can help we for get a solid version testing the component and send we your opinion or bug list with the next form, click here.

How you can use the component.

  • Download and install the file that corresponds to the Joomla version.
  • Go to “Components - Auto Administrator - Table Manager”, select the data base table that you want administrate and configure the field list.
  • Go to “Componets - Auto Administrator - Menu Manager”, create a menu item for may administrate the table.
    “This option create a submenu inside the menu Component, where you can manage the information of the table”

Future features

Automatic administration of filters and integration with Automatic administration of tables.
Language management (back-end).
Improve the front-end framework.
Search component (back-end).

Your questions and opinions are very important for we and the future of Cuppa CMS, for this we want ask your suggestions for future versions or simply write your opinion about this proyect. Please click here.

Cuppa v. b.0.1

Cuppa is a project open source, that seeks offer a adaptable CMS to any project, new or existing development that don't have a CMS but have a need of implement it without realize a migration process to a CMS nor any type of adaptation.

Cuppa CMS is adaptive, this thank to implementation of his powerfull but friendly components, mainly "automatic administration of tables" able to manage the tables existing in the database.

Principal features

Adaptable CMS (new or existing projects).
Automatic administration of tables.
Menu Manager, even administrator's menu.
User Manager And User Groups.
Manager the levels access by user group.
Manager the privileges on the content (see, edit, modify, etc).
Easy Component Creation.
Installation Wizard.
Front-End Framework.
More secure access to administrator by parameter "secure". Example: http://your_domain/?secure=value
Default component for the management of Categories / Articles and easy integration with front-end.


Cuppa CMS v. beta

Extension: .zip

Download the last versión and know the form easy and quickly of administrate all content, thank to the caracteristics newfangled that offered Cuppa CMS.

Test Online

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Password: admin

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