Cuppa a powerful, adaptive content manager for all projects.

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┬┐Why use Cuppa CMS?

Work with Cuppa CMS have many advantages, Meet some of its.


Use Cuppa CMS to create and manage the administration of any project: web, mobile or desktop.

Save valuable time

Create the administration of all content is fast, easy and powerful, saving a lot time and use it to improve your project.

Complete control

Take complete control of all content, create filters, personalized menus, administrate users, user groups and manage access permissions.

Multi-Languages support

Create and manage language files in different idioms at same time. Finally, load and use its files on your projects.


Configure a more secure access to the administrator passing a personalized secure parameter.


Create personalized components and extends the default functionality is easy and quickly, without the need of learn new paradigms, nor apply a definite structure.

PHP framework

Load the PHP Framework and take a quick access and integration with all functionalities from Cuppa.
You will love the simplicity of Cuppa CMS.
Is not good waste hours and days learning news plataforms and tecnologies, we know.
But, if you think that your CMS could be better and want test new alternatives, we invite you to check out this new plataform.
Test our demo online
Take a one-time quick ride Cuppa instead. It will give you a good idea about the feel of Cuppa before you download and test a local installation.
Launch test online
User: admin
Password: admin
Use the SQL Console to create tables directly in the Database and after configure it with Table Manager. This install is reset each day and all changes will be lost.
Your questions and opinions are important for us.
We want to know your ideas and suggestions for future versions or simply to know your opinion about this proyect.
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