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Configuration Panel

This section get a list of global configuration categorized by tabs, all this information is saved in the Configuration.php file. Also is possible add new fields and tabs.


Contains general functionalities of administrator. We recommended configure some of this to augmented the security.

Improve the security access: We recommended configure this options on live environment and avoid a easy access to a administrator panel.

Secure login (Pass GET secure word): true

Secure world: Write a key word, if is possible with characters and numbers.

Secure login failed (Redirect URL): If someone that don't know the secure world try to get access to the administrator, he will be redirect to the URL specified.

Example: if secure world is: Ckdje382D the administrator URL available will be:

Administrator URL path: Some servers does not report correctly the URL where administrator is installed, this can affect some features of Cuppa CMS. If you detects that the URL is not correct, use this field to put the correct URL where is installed, example:

Additionally, we recommended change the administrator folder to improve more the security.


Cuppa CMS have a component "stats" that connect to Google Analytics  and show general information about your project in the administrator home screen.

To configure it, you should provide: user, password and view.

The Tracking codes field give the possibility to administrate different JavaScript tracking codes, that info is encoded to base64 before to be saved, to use in your project remember decode it.