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Activate filters

Is possible activate different filters in the list view of each configured tables.

  1. Go to Table Manager.
  2. Click on the right button "Add filters to this item", next to each table.

  1. If has been configured fields like the next types, is possible create filters.
    • Select
    • Select list
    • Check
    • Radio
    • Language
    • Date
  2. Configure the filters, and who will see the filters. Is possible configure each filter like.
    • Enabled: The user can filter the info.
    • Disabled: Don't show the filter.
    • Hidden: The user don't see the filter, but is possible set a default value.
      • Example: if you want that some users only can access to Spanish info, you can create a Language field type and configure the filter Hidden with default value: es.
  3. Blockade:  Is possible set a default value. The user can't manipulate the filter but can see the filter disabled.