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Language manager

Cuppa CMS support multi-language. Use and integrate it with your protect is easy, fast and strong.

Currently, has 3 different form to administrate content in different language, you can use only one or mixed the 3 form to get a best control of all your content.

Form 1 (Add a custom field in your tables).

  1. Add a new field in your table, Example: "language" varchar(10).
  2. Go to Table Manager, and edit the table to configure the new field.
  3. You can configure it with Select selector or chose the Language Selector, this have a completely integration with Language Manager Section.

Form 2 (JSON files with translation values).

Language Manager > Standard content you can create, edit and delete different language files. These files are saved like JSON on administrator/language/ to be used in your project. This method is perfect to manage specific translation values on your project like words or links to resources on different languages. To general complex content see the Form 3.

Also, is possible create and administrate different language reference that you need (en, es, fr). These references are created like new folders on administrator/language/

If you is creating a PHP project, you can check-out how load and use the language files with the PHP Framework.

Form 3 (Database values).

Language Manager > Rich content you can create, edit and delete different complex contents on different languages, these contents are saved in the table cu_language_rich_content.

If you is creating a PHP project, you can check-out how load this values with the PHP Framework.