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Create and admin menus

We will take a quick view about to add new elements to any menu (top_menu, left_menu) and how create new menus to be used in your personal projects.

Create new menu.

Create an admin menu is very ease with Cuppa CMS.

1. Go to left menu, Menu Manager > Menus. Here you can see the different menus created, add news and edit the general info.

2. To edit specific menu items, click on the right button "Edit menu"

3. To add, edit, delete or change the menu, use the top right buttons 

Type of items.

Cuppa has different types predefined, some are created specially to the administrator functionality. Is possible create new type to use on your project by Menu Manager > Menu Item Types

Auto administrate. This type is used to get quick access to the tables configured previously by Table Manager.

Defined task: Is possible pass some parameters by GET to personalize some functionalities. Example: Profile top button  go to edit the cu_users table. To go directly to editor panel with the current logged user we pass defined task.


Some example parameters.

&task=new: Open automatically the view to insert a new row.

&task=edit&id=5: Open automatically the edit view and edit the id 5.

&cancel=false: Hide the cancel button

&save=false: Hide the save button

JS function. This automatically add some function on onclick tag, Example: open a lightbox, or pre-procesing before to redirect.

Personalized component. Start to extend Cuppa and develop different components is easy and fast, only add a folder with the component name and a index.php, all inside the component folder. To configure a quick access to your component, use this type. 

Component name (is the folder name)

URL: Configure the item to load a page. If want load content inside one light-box, use the target: iframe