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Permissions and access levels

Cuppa has great, strong permission control with many possibilities. You can create new rules and use it in your components or your project.

Edit menu permissions or access levels.

Is possible show and hide menu items by user groups to give different access levels to different users.

Go to the list of menu item that want control the access levels and click in the right buttons "Admin permissions to this item"

Add global permissions by groups.

Table Manager.  The able (cu_user_groups) is configured with Table Manager. Is possible add quickly more fields. If you need add and manager a new global permission controlled only by the user group, add all in this table. This info will be access to $_SESSION PHP variable automatically if you use the PHP Framework to control your session.

  1. Add the new fields on the cu_user_groups table.
  2. Go to Table manager and edit the table, you will see the new fields to configure its.

Advanced permissions.

Is possible create and administrate personalized permissions and organize its on different groups. Cuppa has some groups and permissions created and used by Cuppa.


Cuppa has a group called table with different permissions inside like consult, insert, edit, download.

Thanks to this permissions, Table manager components can manage the different user access to different tables dynamically.

Configure it in Table Manager - Edit your table - Table Permissions


There are a group called table field with the permissions edit field, list field and different values.

On Table manager you can control each table field permission by user group.

List view: Show or hidden the column.

Edit view: Edit or no edit the field, show like a blocked field or set like a hidden input field.

Configure it in Table Manager - Edit your table - Field Permissions


Organize the permissions on different groups.

Permissions and manage its.

To see the permissions and mange its click in the right button aside each permission group.

Below, there are a image with all permissions created on the group table.

Note, that you can add and administrate the different values to each permission clicking in the right button aside each permission.